TV program GO! RIDE! stay in Wandering Walls


In order to make the well-known Taiwan singer and TV host 庾澄慶 Yu Chengqing's dream of cycling around the island come true, the Harlem team has 哈林、卜學亮、彭小刀、柯有倫、張庭瑚, and 周予天. They started from Taipei, and embark on the most desperate, real and rock'n'roll journey. Cycling reality program, full record of 1,200 kilometers.

On the day they checked in, we prepared special dinner for them, including outdoor beef BBQ, homemade salty pork, Jamaican style grilled chicken legs, sea salt grilled squid, Thai lemon shrimp, salt grilled lemongrass Taiwanese snapper, Caesar salad, PITA pocket pancakes, and Dutch oven soup. When 彭小刀 saw the plate at dinner, he said: "Wow! The food is so high-end!", 周予天 continued: "This is the best hotel we have had in the past few days", and then 張庭瑚always said "You have to be fed the pig before you kill it." Tomorrow they will challenge the Demon King Shouka. Today, of course, they need to let everyone live and eat well first, so that they can have the strength to fight tomorrow!


Everyone was very casual about the room they stay. 哈林 stayed in the largest room on the first floor – Red Pond, 卜學亮 stayed in Green Land on the second floor, 彭小刀stayed in Grace C. on the second floor, and 柯有倫stayed in the Ocean Blue on the third floor. , 張庭瑚 stayed in Green Acacia on the second floor, 周予天 stayed in the most expensive room Sky Blue on the third floor, and special guest 范逸臣 stayed in Red Rock on the first floor.





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