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Australian brand Aesop is a quiet luxury skin care brand founded in Melbourne in 1987 by hairstylist Dennis Paphitis. Aesop uses unique herbal formulas to create skin, hair, and body care products, and has quickly become one of the world's best-known brands with a reputation for being natural and of the highest quality.

The Wandering Walls has always wanted to bring the most non-toxic and organic environment and dining experiences to travelers, which is consistent with the beliefs upheld by Aesop. Therefore, we specially choose Aesop to make our guests enjoy the most natural and high-quality skin care during their most relaxing moments.

  • Shampoo
    An enlivening shampoo with a suite of sophisticated ingredients, including Frankincense and Panthenol, to cleanse strands and scalp, and help effect soft, shiny, fragrant hair.
    AromaCitrus, earthy, woody
    Key ingredientsBergamot Rind, Frankincense, Cedar Atlas
  • Conditioner
    A nourishing conditioner enriched with amino acids to soften and hydrate most hair types, including fine, fragile and colored. Leaves hair fragrant and refreshed.
    AromaCitrus, earthy, woody
    Key IngredientsBergamot Rind, Frankincense, Cedar Atlas
  • Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser
    An invigorating cleansing gel that gently banishes grime and provides an agreeable alternative to conventional soap.
    AromaGreen, citrus, fresh
    Key ingredientsGeranium Leaf, Mandarin Rind, Bergamot Rind
  • Rind Concentrate Body Balm
    A moisturizing formulation with an uplifting citrus aroma and nourishing nut oil extracts to soften and smooth the skin.
    AromaCitrus, fresh
    Key ingredients:Pink Grapefruit, Orange Rind, Lemon Rind
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