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The Breakfast in the Wandering Walls

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The Wandering Walls was in a wild land. After several years of reclamation, we has obtained the organic certification since July 2022. We are building our own organic farm step by step. From flowers, herbs, fruits to lettuce, they are all farmed organically. We serves completely organic and freshest ingredients from our farm to the table. Recently, we start to raising chickens and serve the chicken eggs.

We believe that the most memorable food is made with high-quality ingredients and the simplest cooking methods to bring out the best original taste of the ingredients. We select self-produced organic high quality ingredients and top ingredients from other places, and use the simplest cooking method to bring you a wonderful feast of delicious taste buds. In a natural environment, you can taste the purest food, and experience the healthy, pure, and eco-friendly lifestyle.





Where are the ingredients from?

  • White Jade Radish - the Wandering Walls
  • Eggs - the Wandering Walls
  • Sea Salt - Houwan, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
  • Organic Black Soybean -  Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
  • Organic Black Sesame - Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
  • Honey - Fangshan Township, Pingtung County
  • Pork - Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City
  • Honey Flavor Black Tea - Ruisui Township, Hualien County
  • Fruits - Most of them are from Taiwan
  • Milk - Taiwan
  • Coffee Bean - Ethiopis and Kenya
  • Flour - Japan
  • Yeast - Japan
  • Butter - France


  • Gourmet Coffee ( Hot / Iced ) :The coffee bean is from Ethiopia Guji zone Kercha region, and Chirecha station uses the natural process to produce the coffee bean. Guji has unique and delicious characteristics as compared its popular neighbor, Yirgacheffe.The Guji coffee is a citrus fruit flavor with strong notes of lemon, a bright citric acidity, and a good body and mouthfeel. We roasted the coffee bean by ourselves to make sure our guests can drink the freshest coffee. The roast level is light, and we use two different temperatures of water to brewing the pour over coffee.

You can buy it here: NTD 850 / Half pound

  • Special caffè latte ( Hot / Iced ) : Usually, a caffè latte is made by the dark roast coffee beans with milk. Dark roast coffee typically has a bold, smoky taste. However, we use the high quality coffee beans, Kenya Ichuga Nyeri AA, and roast them on a light level to keep their flavor of currants, berries and citrus. Therefore, our special caffè latte has the fruit and sweet taste you have never tried in other place.

You can buy it here: NTD 850 / Half pound

  • Organic Black Soybean Milk ( Hot / Iced ) :We mix organic black beans and black sesame to prepare organic black soy milk that is full of natural health and energy. To promote local agriculture and reduce food carbon footprint, the organic black beans and black sesame were grown by our neighbor Xinxinyun farm which has obtained organic certification.
  • Fresh Fruit Juice ( Iced ) :Made by seasonal fruits. The Wandering Walls farm also obtained organic certification in 2023 and began to produce our own fruits in small quantities, so sometimes the fresh fruit juice would make by our organic fruits.
  • Honey Flavor Black Tea ( Hot ):The honey-flavor black tea from Wuhe Terrace, Ruisui Township, Hualien County, is made by fermenting tea leaves sucked by smaller green leafhopper Paoli ( Jacobiasca formosana Paoli ). It is sweet and smooth, with a charming honey flavor. Therefore, it won the 2006 World Championship and the gold medal award in 2010 International Famous Tea Competition.

Homemade Toast

  • The toast was made with selected Japanese flour, Shirakami yeast, and French top-quality unsalted butter. It is recommended to smear it with French top-grade LESCURE unsalted cultured butter, or enjoy it with Chenjia winter honey from a local farm in Pingtung.

Homemade Fruit Yogurt (Summer season)

  • Homemade yogurt is paired with seasonal fresh fruits and topped with Chenjia winter honey from a local farm in Pingtung. The coconut bowl is also handmade by the Wandering Walls team from whole fresh coconuts.

Homemade Pumpkin Soup (Winter season)

  • Simmers the soup with a large quantity of fresh vegetables and pumpkin. Indulges you in the tastes of freshness and sweetness, fulfills you with hearty satisfaction and warmth.

Main Course

  • Black sesame salt: The organic black sesame is from the mountains where the Wandering Walls is located. The salt is handmade from the sea in front of you. Black sesame salt symbolizes the taste of Hengchun Mountain and the sea, matching the scenery and nature in front of you. The music of nature will completely immerse your five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch) in the charming embrace of Hengchun.
  • White jade scrambled eggs:The famous Hengchun product, white jade radish, is grown by natural farming. After a long period of pickling, it is made into dried radish. We chopped the dried radish and mix it with the eggs which are produced by the chickens we naturally raised without any medication. We fried the eggs like Western-style scrambled eggs to present a fusion of Chinese and Western cuisine.
  • Selected Taiwanese Black Pork Steak:We select the high-quality Taiwanese Black Pork, and simply pan-fry it. We believe that high-quality ingredients can best show off their beautiful taste in the simplest cooking method.
  • Mushroom lettuce salad We sauté the mushrooms in garlic butter until golden brown, add romaine lettuce, purple onions and tomato slices, and finally drizzle with homemade vinaigrette. During the lettuce production season, we also use the lettuce grown by ourselves.

Buon appetite!



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