ArchDaily.Best Architectural Projects of 2022

灣臥入選ArchDaily 2022年最佳建築作品


ArchDaily is one of the most popular architecture websites worldwide. it began as a platform to collect and spread the most important information for architects seeking to build a nicest world. Today, they are an ever-evolving tool for anybody who has a passion and determination to shape the world around them, including the 13.6 million readers that visit ArchDaily every month.  It has a partnership with the Pritzker Architecture Prize and was one of five finalists for the Best Online Magazine prize on Mashable's 2009 Open Web Awards.

ArchDaily shows more than thousands of good architectural projects on their webside every year. On the end of the year, they choose best architectural projects from those thousands of good architectural projects, and show to the readers. It's our great honor that the Wandering Walls was choosen to be ArchDaily Best Architectural Projects of 2022. 

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