Winter Limited・Strawberry Cheesecake


Topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, paired with a cheesecake, it's undoubtedly the epitome of winter happiness!

The cake is crafted with French cream cheese and fresh cream, along with Wandering Walls's own organic eggs and vanilla seeds from Madagascar. The outer layer is delicately crispy with a rich and non-greasy texture.

Whether you're celebrating singledom, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding milestones, family reunions, gatherings with friends, or just indulging your cake cravings without any particular reason, as long as you pre-order, Wandering Walls can present you with the most delightful and aromatic cakes! 

- 6 inches
- NT $880
- Includes a single candle, knife, and fork set
- Takeaway cake boxes and utensils available (please inquire with staff if needed)
- Must be ordered at least two days before the check-in date
- With fresh strawberries, warm wishes, and heartfelt blessings




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