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The Wandering Walls in ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture

In 2022, ArchDaily, the most iconic website in the architecture with more than one million followers on facebook, cooperated with the world-renowned publisher Gestalten to publish the first book - The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture. ArchDaily reviewed more than 40,000 good architectural projects in the world, and selected 104 projects in the bookThe Wandering Walls is the only Taiwan project in the book. It is our great honor to be one of the 104 projects around the world.

ArchDaily think that a good architecture should has one of the 10 features, Considerate, Durable, Holistic, Inclusive, Innovative, Local, Protective, Resourceful, Useful, and Desirable. 6 to 16 representative architectures are selected for each feature, and a total of 104 projects are included.

ArchDaily considers the Wandering Walls is durable. Durable architecture is strong in form, timeless in aesthetic, and dynamic in function. A durable building is not supposed simply to endure the passing of the time, surpassing its expected lifespan or those of its neighboring constructions. A longer lifespans are beneficial to the environment, as the majority of energy consumption occurs pre-use in related to resource extraction and manufacturing phases. Using a building for a longer period of time means lowering the annual share of embodied energy for its construction.





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