Red Pond

Red Pond
WanderingWalls' sticky red soil, reminiscent of the rich and warm-hearted human sentiment of Hengchun,
lies beneath the first floor, hence the name "Red."The natural ecology pond in the outdoor garden is the biggest feature of the room, hence it is named Red Pond
Room RateNT$ 10,300up
Red Pond
Red Pond

The indoor space of Red Pond is 35 square meters, and the outdoor water pool garden is 130 square meters. The room includes a small living room and a queen size bed (183*188 cm), and the bathroom has a bathtub.he garden ecology pond has a set of lounge chairs where guests can lie down and stargaze on lightless nights, and there is also a 5-meter long, 2-meter wide, and 1.1-meter paddling pool.

Room Facilities

Queen Size Bed (183*188 cm) SONY Bravia 4K TV (65 inches)

Dyson Air Purifier

B&O PLAY M5 Bluetooth/WIFI Audio

Panasonic Split Type Air Conditioner

Dellware Mini Bar : free drinks and facial mask Bathrobes

Water Boiler Panasonic

Washlet Panasonic


Aesop Toiletries

Zozola Handmade Soap and Bath Bomb

SRINLIM Cushion and Bed Runner Shell-Flower Rug


The artwork in the room is from the small island of Naxos, Greece, and the inspiration for the wooden fish creations is closely related to the coastal Greek people's daily life. The ecological water pond of Red Pond is ideal for fish habitat.


Check-in hours: 15:00~21:00. Check-out time: up to 11am

The table and chairs in the small living room can be adjusted and two additional single bed mattresses can be added (extra charge), making Red Pond the only room in WanderingWalls that can accommodate four people.

Any delay to check-out will result in an extra fee.

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