Red Rock

Red Rock
WanderingWalls' sticky red soil, reminiscent of the rich and warm-hearted human sentiment of Hengchun,
lies beneath the first floor, hence the name "Red." Outside the room is an exclusive, hand-carved stone bathtub, hence the name Red Rock.
Room RateNT$ 7,600up
Red Rock
Red Rock

Red Rock offers 26.5 square meters of indoor space and a 43 square meter outdoor garden. Indoors, there is a queen-sized bed (183*188cm) and a bathroom with a double bathtub. Outdoors, there is a unique giant stone tub and a circular daybed that allows guests to enjoy a natural experience of soaking and stargazing.

Room Facilities

 Queen Size Double Bed (183*188 cm)

SONY Bravia 4K TV (55 inches)

Panasonic Split Type Air Conditioner

Dellware Mini Bar : free drinks and facial mask Bathrobes

Water Boiler Panasonic

Washlet Panasonic


Aesop Toiletries

Zozola Handmade Soap and Bath Bomb

SRINLIM Cushion and Bed Runner Shell-Flower Rug


The artwork in the room is from the highlands of northwest Argentina in South America, where mysterious and ancient patterns of the indigenous civilization were engraved onto the stone slabs. The artwork evokes the possibility that it may be the Peruvian earth totem pole - the Nazca Lines, created by the ancient South American natives to contact extraterrestrial civilizations.


Check-in hours: 15:00~21:00. Check-out time: up to 11am.

1 extra child under 12 years old stays free on the existing bed.

Any delay to check-out will result in an extra fee.

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