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The Wandering Walls is the only Taiwanese building selected as one of the world's top 104 good architectures. It creates an extraordinary and unique vacation experience by a unique design taste, life aesthetics, Kenting's unique beauty of mountains, oceans, and starry skies, and the story of the host Gavin's dedication to pursuing his dreams.


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Media Reports

The stay experiences of Youtubers and Bloggers

The famous Youtuber and Blogers introducing about Wandering Walls and sharing their stay experiences in the videos and articles.

The Wandering Walls is selected in the book "Taiwan Architecture Selection 2019-2023"

Taiwan Architecture Report Magazine published "Taiwan Architecture Selection 2019-2023", which includes 70 excellent architectural works of various types in Taiwan over these 5 years. The Wandering Walls is honored to be selected for inclusion in the book.

Featured in Concrete Architecture

The Wandering Walls is featured in “Concrete Architecture” which is published by Spanish publisher Loft Publications.

Hong Kong Art and Piece magazine reported

Hong Kong Art and Piece introduced One of 100 good architectures in the world: The Wandering Walls B&B in their social media.

TV program GO! RIDE! stay in Wandering Walls

The most passionate Harlem Team launches the most determined, authentic, and rock 'n' roll bicycle reality show.

Taiwan Architectural magazine reported

In 1995, Taiwan Architectural magazine was founded. It reported the Wandering Walls on their 332 issue on May, 2023.

Spanish webiste ROOM diseño reported

ROOM diseño is a design, architecture and art magazine with a concern for innovation and oriented towards contemporary creation.

PPAPER magazine reported

PPAPER magazine reported the Wandering Walls, and had an Q&A with Gavin, the host of Wandering Walls.

Featured in Contemporary Architecture

The Wandering Walls was featured in Contemporary Architecture - Masterpieces Around the World published by Braun Publishing.

Spanish magazine Arquitectura Diseño reported

Arquitectura Diseño is a Spanish magazine which focuses on architecture and design, Wandering Walls featured in this magazine.

Featured in The ArchDaily

ArchDaily selected 104 projects in the book. Wandering Walls is the only Taiwan project in the book.

Italian magazine IQD reported

IQD is a prestigious international reference for the architecture and design sectors, report on fascinating architecture around the world.

German magazine Baunetz Wissen reported

German architecture magazine Baunetz Wissen reported the design and construction information of the Wandering Walls.

WABISABI magazine Architect Interview

WABISABI ISSUE is a bimonthly magazine focused on providing aesthetic information on global architecture, construction,and contemporary art.

American website Architizer reported

Architizer is a website for international architectural professionals. Wandering Walls been selected and reported on the Architizer website.

German online magazine IGNANT reported

iGNANT is an online magazine in Germany that reporting on art, design, architecture, photography and travel.

India design website STIRworld reported

STIRworld is a global digital publisher that specializes in introducing the best architecture, design and new forms of media art around the world.

Italian website Divisare reported

Divisare is the largest online library of contemporary architecture founded in 1998 in Italy. Wandering Walls featured in Divisare website.

Italian website designboom reported

The article of Designboom introducing the Wandering Walls mainly introduces the site conditions, design concepts and wall construction.

Architecture website ArchDaily reported

ArchDaily is one of the most popular architecture websites worldwide. It is our great honor to be reportes on ArchDaily.

The website 1% STYLE reported

" Don't have any plans for a vacation? Come and stay in a forest cabin or a room with endless ocean views for one night! "

Girl Style website reported

The website Girl Style specializes in reporting on the daily life of girls. It recommended the Kenting retreats in the spring of 2022.

The website Girls Talk reported

Girls Talk, a women's lifestyle website that introduces beauty, food, and travel, recommended 10 B&B you must to visit!

Tatler magazine reported

Tatler Taiwan reported the article to readers the 6 must visit B&B in Taiwan. The first one in the article is the Wandering Walls.

Business today magazine reported

Business today magazine published the 1306th issue at the end of 2021. One article in the issue recommended 5 B&Bs in Taiwan.

The website DECO myplace reported

The DECOmyplace discovers various lifestyle and practical home ideas. The article showed their readers the unique walls of the Wandering Walls.

The Dutch website Archello reported

Archello is making the process of finding, selecting and connecting with product manufacturers easier, faster and more effective for design professionals.

Amazing Architecture reported

Amazing Architecture is an architectural platform for publishing architectural projects for architects and students.

The website ELLE reported

Elle Magazine recommended 10 sea view B&Bs with infinity swimming pool, and the Wandering Walls is one of them.

Architecture Malaysia magazine reported

Architecture Malaysia magazine is published by Malaysian Institute of Architects. Reported the Wandering Walls.

Traveler Luxe magazine reported

TRAVELER Luxe represents a new attitude towards leisure life. It provides in-depth reports on ultimate enjoyment, and a more elegant view.

The website id SHOW reported

id SHOW is a home design platform dedicated to the development of the art of living, and introduced designers and their works.

PPAPER magazine reported

PPAPER is the first design magazine in Taiwan. It reported the Wandering Walls in the article, 5 crative special guesthouses. 

The news UDN reported

The travel column of udn reported "A retreat surrounded by mountains and sea! The 6 quality accommodations far from the madding crowd."

Audi magazine reported

The magazine of the European luxury car brand Audi reported the Wandering Walls in the Spring and Summer issue.

The archi-tec magazine reported

Our stunning flying walls are on the cover of the The archi-tec magazine. We are honored to have a 30-page report in the magazine.

The architectural website FAM reported

"The ecological accommodation wanders the curved walls", introduces the environment, design concept, flying wall and landscape design.

The LEXUS magazine Reported

The luxury car brand LEXUS publishes a LEXUS magazine every quarter. LEXUS magazine recommended the Wandering Walls to every owner.

The website Xin Media reported

The Xin Media article describe Wandering Walls is a fusion of nature and architecture. Architect tells readers how she thinks and designs!

IW Magazine 2021 reported

The 2021 IW Magazine introduced many design concepts and detailed design drawings, especially the design of the walls of the Wandering Walls.

China Times reported

The China Times selected 5 unique B&Bs in Taiwan that are so beautiful that you won’t want to leave them.

PPAPER design magazine reported

PPAPER is the first design magazine in Taiwan. It reported the Wandering Walls in 6 unique B&Bs to inspire your creativity.

The Hong Kong TV show reported

A Hong Kong TVB program "十築台灣" specializes in introducing various types of architecture in Taiwan. The first episode introduces raw concrete buildings.

The GQ magazine reported

GQ website recommended ten resort-style accommodations in Taiwan. Everyone can have an amazing vacation without going abroad.

ETtoday news reported

The reporter who stayed in more than hundreds hotels said that the Wandering Walls is a secret retreat, a real paradise. 

IW Magazine reported

IW magazine reporting on aesthetic living spaces. Reports the Wandering Walls from the perspective of architectural aesthetics.

VOGUE Magazine reported

Vogue magazine leaded readers know more details by presenting the conversation of the Wandering Walls host Gavin and architect Grace.

Elle magazine reported

The 347th issue of ELLE magazine recommended six the besst beachfront accommodation in Taiwan to readers.

Shopping Design magazine reported

Host Gavin and the magazine editor talked about the entrepreneurial inspiration, architectural design, and the protection of marine life.

GQ Magazine reported

GQ the men’s fashion magazines, telled readers heading to Hengchun grassland and stay in the Wandering Walls to self-quarantine.

Apple Daily news reported

Chairman Dai Shengtong, a well-known travel expert, introduced three dream accommodations in Kenting in his Apple Daily column.

ETtoday news reported

ETtoday news, which introduces various travel information, published an article about the Wandering Walls.

United Daily News.Architect Interview

"I don't want to do a big business, but I want to make something meaningful, so I don't define myself as a traditional architect." said by Grace.

Business Week magazine reported

Gavin was talking with the architect Grace and chairman Hong about the story of The Wandering Walls.